2.1 Public investment in roads in Uganda

This report summarises findings from a study conducted by the Economic Policy Research Centre reviewing public expenditure on road infrastructure in two districts of Uganda. The study's main message is that public investment in road infrastructure is essential for Uganda's economy.

Based on a literature study of the ways through which infrastructure affects growth, the study argues for the promotion of infrastructure, particularly rural roads. The study used public expenditure tracking and focus group discussions to identify sector constraints. The findings indicate that funding for rural roads is inadequate, not all resources reach the beneficiaries and capacity constraints exist both among the staff and service providers. In addition to increasing public investment, the government's most important tasks should be to strengthen capacity among local government staff, carry out performance audits on contractors and maintain road machinery in good working order, thus ensuring a better and more efficient road network.

Issuing body: Economic Policy Research Centre
Type: Report
Status: Final
Public expenditure tracking on road infrastructure in Uganda: the case study of Pallisa and Soroti districts
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Year of publication: 2010
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