2.12 Guidelines for unsolicited proposals in the transport sector

The Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) seeks to engage with the private sector to develop and deliver transport infrastructure and services. Most projects involving the private sector will be procured through normal competitive processes. However, the MoWT also expects to receive unsolicited bids and proposals from the private sector, offering innovative ideas.

The key objective of this document is to provide guidelines to MoWT staff to ensure a consistent, transparent approach to dealing with unsolicited proposals. A separate summary of the guidelines has been prepared for private sector participants. In particular, the guidelines will help staff to assess whether such proposals further government objectives and provide value for money.

The Guidelines also set out a three-stage process – the initial submission and strategic assessment, the detailed proposal and the final negotiations. This is supplemented by explanatory notes and checklists in the appendices.

Issuing body: Ministry of Works and Transport, Republic of Uganda
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Guidelines for submission and assessment of unsolicited proposals in the transport sector
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