2.3 Uganda Road Fund and budget allocation

The primary objective of this study was to develop mathematical formulae for use by the Uganda Road Fund (URF) in the allocation of road maintenance funds to different road classes of roads and road agencies.

A literature review showed that although economic growth through efficient transportation remains a long-term goal, short-term objectives should include protection of the current road infrastructure in a way that is equitable to the road users and the designated road agencies.

Funding, from the collection of various moneys from the Uganda Revenue Authority, should be streamlined to allow the rapid collection and direct remittance of road user charges, especially the fuel levy, to a URF account in the Bank of Uganda. This would better local funding of established agencies.

Based on the road maintenance finance review, the URF is underfunded with a current allocation of 30% of total Uganda Revenue Authority collections, says the study.

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Study on the budget allocation formula
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