2.5 Uganda transport infrastructure and public–private partnership

This presentation was given by the Ministry of Works and Transport, Uganda regarding the role of public–private partnerships (PPPs) in the country's transport infrastructure.

After opening with key demographic and economic statistics, the presentation outlines Uganda's transport infrastructure by sector in order of importance (i.e. road, air, rail and water). The presentation describes the major transport projects that are being undertaken, including the first PPP in the road transport sector, the Kampala-Entebbe expressway. The presentation summarises the factors currently constraining implementation of PPPs in the sector and the lessons learned from other countries. It states that successful PPP programme management requires a long-term perspective and clear policy, legislative and management frameworks. Also, it needs to be supported by the top level of government. These frameworks should ensure centralised points of contact for PPPs and development of best practice. Consultation with stakeholders should be encouraged to ensure broad-based support.

Issuing body: Ministry of Works and Transport, Republic of Uganda
Type: Presentation
Status: Final
Uganda transport infrastructure and the public–private partnerships
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Year of publication: 2013
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