2.6 Road maintenance funds

This bulletin contains six articles exploring the use of road maintenance funds in Asia and the Pacific region. The first two articles provide regional overviews while the other four explore country experiences.

The first article concludes that in Latin American countries, road funds provided through fuel taxation have helped counter a rapid decline in road assets and infrastructure. However, the long-term sustainability of road funds remains in question.

The second article observes that in sub- Saharan Africa, raising resources alone is not enough. If funds are to translate into road improvements, more attention should be paid to the overall effectiveness of road management.

The last four articles explore country experiences of road funds in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Tanzania. Topics covered include using agricultural levies and road tolls to finance road maintenance, establishing road funds at both central and state government levels, and dealing with institutional problems and capacity constraints.

Issuing body: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
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Transport and communications bulletin for Asia and the Pacific. No. 75. Road maintenance funds
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Year of publication: 2005
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