2.7 World Bank support for road funds

This paper assesses the effectiveness of the second generation road fund strategy, supported by the World Bank over the last 10 to 15 years. It discusses the results of a literature review, a database analysis and a survey circulated among transport staff at the World Bank.

The paper observes that second generation road funds can be effective in reversing severe deterioration of a country's road network. However, for this to be the case, certain conditions must be met. For example, to involve users and improve accountability, the funds require strong government commitment to commercially oriented reforms, including an independent board with private sector participation.

The paper advises that necessary reforms to road management can be achieved under either the budget or user-pays approach provided the flow of funds is adequate and stable. The paper also observes that monitoring and evaluation systems are needed to quantify the impact of second generation road funds.

Issuing body: World Bank
Type: Background paper
Status: Final
Evaluation of Bank support for road funds. Background paper for evaluation of World Bank assistance to the transport sector, 1995–2005
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Year of publication: 2007
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