3.1 Stakeholder consultations on legislation

The Uganda Roads Sector Support Initiative and CrossRoads Uganda held consultation workshops on two pieces of legislation under review (the Roads Act and Access to Roads Act) in Mbarara, Masaka, Mbale and Gulu.

The workshops were designed to inform stakeholders about the legislation and seek feedback for the proposed amendments. Radio talk shows on the subject sought to raise awareness among a wider public.

The majority of the public, including some of the workshop participants, were found to be unaware of the two Acts.

There was overwhelming agreement that the two pieces of legislation were outdated. Amendments were needed to take account of a growing population, increasing urbanisation and even inflation. Participants also raised the issue of the non-enforcement of existing legislation (leading, for example, to individuals constructing on road reserves) as well as corruption and accountability. The weak capacity or lack of planning personnel within the districts is also a constraint.

Issuing body: Uganda Roads Sector Support Initiative
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Awareness and consultations on the Roads and Access to Roads Acts report
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