3.2 A 2009 engineering audit on 50 Ugandan road projects

This report presents the findings of an engineering audit in Uganda conducted by the Office of the Auditor General in the 2008/2009 financial year. The audit examines 50 road projects out of the more than 100 implemented by the Uganda National Roads Authority. The report includes responses submitted by Uganda National Roads Authority and recommendations on these responses.

Road projects selected to be audited were required to have a value of more than UGX 2 billion and carry some risk for the contractors executing the works, irrespective of the value of the project.

The audit sought to evaluate the existence and effectiveness of the internal controls needed for sound management and engineering principles and practices. It also sought reasonable assurance that the roads were constructed or rehabilitated and maintained to a reasonable quality, in accordance with specifications and sound engineering principles, practice and technical management policies.

Issuing body: Office of the Auditor General, Republic of Uganda
Type: Report
Status: Final
Engineering audit of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), 2009
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Year of publication: 2010
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