3.6 Transparency in the construction sector

The construction sector plays a vital role in supporting social and economic development, yet it consistently ranks as one of the most corrupt sectors. Corruption in public sector projects can increase contract prices and result in unnecessary, unsuitable, defective or dangerous projects, often subject to severe delays. The complexity of the causes and types of corruption means that they cannot be addressed by a single initiative.

This report on the initial design for piloting a Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) seeks to enhance the transparency and accountability of publicly financed construction projects. Improved transparency will be supportive of better management of public finances and reduced corruption. CoST will build on existing country and international initiatives to increase transparency and reduce corruption.

This report has been prepared for countries involved in piloting CoST, to help identify and resolve practical challenges to CoST implementation to be reflected in a final design.

Issuing body: Construction Sector Transparency Initiative
Type: Report
Status: Final (reissued)
Construction sector transparency initiative. Design for pilot phase
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Year of publication: 2007 (reissued 2008)
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