4.10 Transferring road maintenance to the private sector

This report carries out a literature review for the Department for International Development project R6889, 'Transferring road maintenance to the private sector'.

It summarises the literature available on the subject in 1998 and describes a proposed direction for the project. It looks at the key elements needed to carry out road maintenance from the client, manager and contractor perspectives.

The paper might be useful for commissioning organisations seeking an example of what comprises a knowledge review and study proposal.

However, practical information is limited, not only by the scope of this document, but by its date. Since 1998, far more recent work on roads maintenance and the private sector has been completed. This will prove more useful in terms of practical advice and findings. Additionally, today the private sector has more experience in African operations.

Issuing body: Transport Research Laboratory
Type: Project report
Status: Unpublished
Transferring road maintenance to the private sector: preliminary literature review and proposed study area for the project
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Year of publication: 1998
Number of pages: 36