4.11 Cost of road maintenance in developing countries

This policy brief recommends that national funding for the maintenance of the classified road network for most developing countries should be between 0.2% and more than 1% of GDP. This does not include any backlog of maintenance, rehabilitation or network improvement. The total road sector infrastructure allocation needs can be expected to be in the region of 3–5% of GDP. Requirements should be developed for each country based on careful consideration of local factors.

Because of the demonstrably higher economic and social benefits attributable to road maintenance, over network rehabilitation or upgrading, the highest priority should be given to allocating available funds to routine and periodic maintenance of the existing network.

A rural transport sustainable development target of reducing by 90% the number of people without access to maintained allweather roads or adequate transport (road or water) services by 2030 is proposed.

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How much should developing countries spend on road maintenance?
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