4.13 Study on capacity building for contracting

This summary contains the major findings of an International Labour Organization study in 11 countries, carried out between 2008 and 2010.

Through its employment intensive investment programme, the International Labour Organization has led the development of approaches and systems to better manage the growing number of decentralised, private sector-run infrastructure projects.

The survey examines the extent to which the employment intensive investment programme contracting approach has been effective. It looks at three aspects fundamental to creating a sustainable domestic construction sector – ensuring an enabling environment, developing implementing agencies and the domestic private construction sector, and developing skills and training capacity.

The survey finds that projects have allowed a significant number of emerging and smallscale contractors to enter the construction market. Contract work has created shortterm employment opportunities and labourbased works are now considered an effective growth and anti-poverty measure. However, sustainability of the sector beyond the lifetime of a project remains weak.

Issuing body: International Labour Organization
Type: Study
Status: Final
Employment intensive investment programme. Capacity building for contracting. Institutional assessment and contractor tracing study
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Year of publication: 2010
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