4.15 Low-cost road seal options in Uganda

This report contains a detailed assessment of low-cost seal (LCS) technology as proposed for low-volume roads in Uganda.

LCS technology is being mainstreamed under the rural transport infrastructure component of the U-Growth Programme and the Government of Uganda's National Development Plan. The technology uses locally available materials, so small-scale contractors can construct LCSs using relatively little capital and labour-based methods. They provide a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to natural gravel surfaces, with more manageable maintenance requirements and lower transport costs.

The report provides a detailed justification for the adoption of LCS technology. After establishing the context, the authors present an overview of LCSs. They then provide a detailed assessment of institutional, technical, economic and financial, and contractual and implementation issues pertaining to the use of LCSs in Uganda. The report ends with a list of specific recommendations in each of these areas.

Issuing body: Danish International Development Agency
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Review of low-cost seal technology options on low-volume roads in Uganda
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Year of publication: 2013
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