4.16 Rural road maintenance: improving access

The authors of this report analyse the technical, institutional and financial problems associated with poorly-maintained rural roads in Asia and provide suggestions on how they can be addressed.

Rural roads are often the most important parts of the network for rural populations. Despite this, many rural roads in Asia are poorly maintained, limiting access to services and markets. Ensuring the provision of regular and timely maintenance to an entire road network entails considerable efforts of sustained support and capacity development.

After an introductory chapter, the authors assess rural road maintenance in Asia (Chapter 2). Chapter 3 covers the economic and social costs of poor maintenance. Chapter 4 looks at institutional issues, particularly the negative effect of decentralisation. Chapter 5 draws together the lessons learned from recent experience and studies. In Chapter 6 practical solutions, based on good practice in the region, are proposed.

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Rural road maintenance. Sustaining the benefits of improved access
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