4.3 Alternative surfacing for rural roads, Tanzania

A combination of paving methods are to be used and materials selected according to their local availability and construction costs.

Earth and gravel roads are unsustainable and costly to maintain, and gravel is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. More durable road surfaces avoid the need for gravel and reduce maintenance costs, vehicle operating costs, travel times and dust pollution.

The Africa Community Access Programme seeks to improve rural roads through costeffective, community-based methods and to extend the knowledge of rural road construction by upgrading selected demonstration sections.

In Tanzania, the Africa Community Access Programme used environmentally optimised design and spot improvement design techniques to identify and map problematic sections (steep gradients or sharp bends), which prevent basic access during the rainy season, on two important roads.

A durable pavement structure was applied in these locations, while the remainder of the road was upgraded with less expensive structures.

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Alternative surfacing for low volume rural roads
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