4.4 Labour-based methods for low-volume sealed roads

This guideline document is targeted at small-scale contractors and supervisors working on low-volume roads using labourbased methods – ones that substitute manual labour for specialised machines.

Traditional approaches to building low volume sealed roads have mainly originated in Europe and the USA under conditions different from those in developing countries. In the developing countries many of these imported approaches are inappropriate.

The document counters a common claim that labour-based construction is inferior and does not merit detailed design scrutiny. It documents innovative low-volume road design, construction and maintenance methods. It also covers procedures and best practices tried and proved through research and actual implementation in South Africa over the 10 years prior to 2013. Many of these procedures and practices have been replicated in several other countries, including Indonesia, Tanzania and Kenya.

The document provides essential design standards and specifications as well as offering guidelines and recommendations on practical work methods.

Issuing body: International Labour Organization
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Construction of low volume sealed roads: good practice guide to labour-based methods
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Year of publication: 2013
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