4.5 Dynamic cone penetrometer design method

This manual provides road builders with a rational, appropriate and affordable approach to designing a low-volume sealed road in Malawi and serves as a standard reference and source of good practice for using the dynamic cone penetrometer method, which has been employed in Malawi for over 20 years.

A low-volume sealed road is a road carrying less than about 300 vehicles per day and less than about one million equivalent standard axles over its design life.

The manual uses the body of local research information that has been available from previous research and investigations carried out both in Malawi and the wider region. It consolidates the latest approaches, including developments in pavement design and surfacing technology and the use of road building techniques that allow maximum use of local materials.

Issuing body: Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Republic of Malawi
Type: Design manual
Status: Final
Design method for Low Volume Sealed Roads Using the DCP Design Method
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Year of publication: 2013
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