4.7 Cost–benefits of the low-volume sealed road approach

This report examines the economic benefits of the low-volume sealed road approach to providing affordable and sustainable sealed roads where traffic volumes are too low to justify a conventional upgrade from gravel to a sealed surface. It also evaluates the value for money received by the Africa Community Access Programme from its efforts to promote this approach. It is designed to address the lack of such analyses in the many studies that have been conducted into the engineering aspects of the approach.

The report uses a standard cost–benefit analysis to determine if there has been a substantial economic benefit from implementing and expanding the lowvolume sealed road approach. It concludes that support for this approach from Africa Community Access Programme represents a worthwhile application of the organisation's resources. An annex on the impact of an increase in sealed road length on connectivity is included.

Issuing body: Africa Community Access Programme
Type: Report
Status: Final
Economic cost, benefit and value for money: analysis of AFCAP research outputs
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Year of publication: 2013
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