4.8 Geographical information technologies

This study set out to develop a framework within which the use of geographical information technologies (GITs) can be enhanced in road infrastructure maintenance (RIM) in Uganda.

The thesis established that the main constraints to GIT use in RIM related to data and organisational matters, rather than technical issues. A participatory methodology was adopted around six strategic components. Conceptual and logical data models were developed and proposed for the sector.

In order to enhance GIT use and maximise the benefits for RIM, the study recommends that data concerns and organisational relationships are accorded the same importance as the technical aspects of system set ups.

The study recommends formally involving the public in data collection regarding road conditions so as to reduce costs and improve cooperation. It also recommends being more innovative in developing strategies and in using off-the-shelf equipment and software in order to foster better informed decision making.

Issuing body: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Type: Doctoral dissertation, Lydia Mazzi Kayondo-Ndandiko
Status: Final
Geographical information technologies – decision support for road maintenance in Uganda
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Year of publication: 2012
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