5.1 Research and innovation for rural mobility and access

This report includes the text of 15 papers presented at the 2012 Africa Community Access Programme conference discussing the technical, social and economic aspects of road construction in different African countries. Reliable access is essential for rural communities in Africa to reach basic services and other economic and social opportunities. Unreliable access reduces growth opportunities and negates the benefits from investment in other sectors directed at improving rural livelihoods.

Although most of the papers deal with specialised road construction techniques, presentations are included that focus on training for construction in Ethiopia, a public–private partnership for road rehabilitation and maintenance in Cameroon, rural freight transport operations in Kenya, increasing access to rural health throughout sub-Saharan Africa and maternal care in northern Nigeria, the use of bicycles by children in Ghana and developing a regional plan for a major road network in South Africa.

Issuing body: Africa Community Access Programme
Type: Conference proceedings
Status: Final
2nd AFCAP Practitioners' Conference, Maputo, Mozambique, 3–5 July 2012. Africa's pre-eminent conference for rural transport professionals
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Year of publication: 2012
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