5.14 Action research plan: Matugga-Semuto-Kapeeka road pilot project

This document presents the action research plan for the third stage of a pilot project on the Matugga-Semuto-Kapeeka road that demonstrates the appropriateness of innovative techniques in constructing low traffic volume, bitumen-sealed roads in Uganda.

This document takes into consideration the findings from the construction phase and puts in place performance monitoring for the following six years. This monitoring will produce scientifically acceptable evidence to support the introduction of innovative technologies in constructing sealed, low traffic volume roads. The document includes a scope of work covering equipment, staff and budget needs.

It is expected that the resulting research will provide justification for adopting existing specifications from countries with similar construction environments. One cited example is less restrictive materials specifications to permit the use of locally available natural clayey gravels and sand, of suitable quality, as construction materials. Design manuals, specifications and guidelines will be developed.

Issuing body: Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications, Republic of Uganda
Type: Report
Consultancy services for feasibility study, detailed engineering design and construction supervision of Matugga-Semuto-Kapeeka road using innovative technologies
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Year of publication: 2012
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