5.17 Communication strategy 2007–2010, Uganda

This document presents the communication strategy for the road sub-sector in Uganda for the period 2007–2010.

The Ministry of Works and Transport oversees road infrastructure, the most important means of transport in the country.

The Ministry recognises that certain social and environmental factors undermine the use of and access to opportunities offered by the sector, and has identified five thematic areas as cross-cutting issues requiring attention to address this imbalance. These thematic areas are:

The Ministry has developed policies on these issues, but compliance remains problematic.

This communication strategy is part of the efforts to address these cross-cutting issues in the road sub-sector and achieve better integration in the overall road policy framework; specifically the planning process, and programmes and activities of the Ministry. A communication strategy is presented for each thematic area, followed by an overall implementation plan.

Issuing body: Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications, Republic of Uganda
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Communication strategy for the road sub-sector: 2007–2010
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Year of publication: 2006
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