5.18 Guidelines for environmental impact assessment, Uganda

The guidelines for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of road projects in Uganda set out the process for determining whether or not a project will have an adverse impact on the environment. They describe how to carry out EIAs in the sector.

Part I of the guidelines gives an overview of EIA requirements and procedures. Part 2 gives specific guidelines for road projects. The guidelines harmonise with the procedures of the National Environment Management Authority and development partners for EIAs, but have been specifically adapted to the standard road project cycle. The purpose and procedures for each step are clearly described.

The guidelines stress the need for public participation throughout assessments and for integrating compensation and resettlement issues. They also deal with managing environmental and social considerations during road maintenance.

Issuing body: Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications, Republic of Uganda
Type: Guidelines
Final draft
Environmental impact assessment guidelines for road projects
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Year of publication: 2004
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