5.2 Transport and environment research capacity in Uganda

The local Transport and Environment Science Technology Network in Uganda examined the research capacities of various transport and environment bodies for traffic flow management, air pollution and road safety. Transport and Environment Science Technology also hosted a national stakeholders' workshop, which identified research and training needs in the three areas.

Research on transport is undertaken in an ad hoc, uncoordinated way. There is a lack of the required research infrastructure and capacity, especially in universities. No Ugandan university offers a specific degree programme on transport. The resulting effect is a low number of consultancy firms and nongovernmental organisations working on traffic flow and road safety.

The two main environmental research agencies are limited by institutional fragility and a lack of resources. Research on air pollution has also been neglected because of the lack of air pollution standards and guidelines.

In general, research efforts in Uganda are also adversely affected by the absence of a centralised database. Most research outputs are in the form of unpublished reports written by government-contracted consultants.

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Transport and environment research capacity and needs in Uganda. Year 1 Final report 2010
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