5.3 The use of sand in road construction in the SADC region

This guideline looks at the use of sand in the construction of low-volume roads (less than 300 vehicles per day) in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and is structured to provide practitioners with a good understanding of its engineering properties.

Traditional road building materials are increasingly scarce and expensive, especially for all-weather, low-volume rural roads.

Southern Africa has an abundance of sand. The guideline shows how local sand resources could be used in local road construction and focuses on the use of neat sand as a pavement material for paved and unpaved roads. Research and experience in some SADC countries, notably Botswana and South Africa, as well as in Australia, have demonstrated that, when correctly selected, tested, designed and constructed, sand can prove a suitable construction material in all layers of a road pavement. The guideline's recommendations apply to all SADC countries.

Issuing body: Africa Community Access Programme
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Guideline on the use of sand in road construction in the SADC region
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Year of publication: 2013
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