5.4 Transport knowledge and research capacity

This paper addresses the need to consolidate and coordinate Africa-specific knowledge about road infrastructure provisions that has been generated from various research projects.

The paper looks at the value of research, knowledge generation and transfer, and the knowledge transfer processes that have been used to successfully implement primary research findings and outputs in practice. The benefits of a holistic approach to knowledge management and implementation of research projects are highlighted. The paper identifies the need for a sustainable source of African knowledge; and the transfer of that knowledge, through the institutionalising of research activities and centres in Africa. A framework is proposed for knowledge transfer and the implementation of research and technology development findings to maximise the benefits of research investment. The paper suggests the development of national research centres and regional hubs; and use of the African Road Maintenance Fund Association is recommended for regional coordination.

Issuing body: Africa Community Access Programme
Type: Technical paper
Status: Final
Institutionalising rural transport knowledge and research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa
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Year of publication: 2013
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