5.6 Training on dynamic cone penetrometer design methods, Kenya

This report covers a training exercise, which applies the dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) design method, to create a draft Kenya DCP manual. The DCP method helps designers use local materials for pavements more effectively. This can reduce the cost of upgrading gravel and earth roads to sealed road standards.

The training objectives covered include:

It is evident that extensive training and guidance is needed for the successful application of the DCP design method. Therefore, this document would be especially useful to planners considering using that approach.

Issuing body: Africa Community Access Programme
Type: Report and analysis into paved rural road network training
Status: Final
Training report on DCP design method D415 Muruka – Kandara, Muranga Region 03–07.12.2012. AFCAP/KEN/089
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Year of publication: 2012
Number of pages: 24