6.1 Regional transport strategy and action plan in the East African Community

The report was produced to inform a comprehensive regional transport strategy and action plan for the countries of the East African Community, and was designed to form the basis for a technical workshop.

The report reviews the economic environment and customer base, including traffic characteristics. It conducts a performance analysis of the Northern and Central transport corridors, according to transport mode, and looks at infrastructure, services, procedures, planned interventions and critical barriers to trade.

The report examines the policy, legal and institutional frameworks at national and regional levels, including cargo-transit procedures (which it compares to international best practice), licensing and regulation, compliance of domestic policies with regional frameworks and sector financing.

Lastly, the report identifies development options for each transport corridor and allocates them across four levels (regional network reinstatement, capacity bottlenecks and black spots, access to the corridor and increasing capacity) as well as considering institutional development options.

Issuing body: World Bank
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A regional transport intermodal strategy and action plan in the countries of the East African Community
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Year of publication: 2013
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