6.13 Overhauling infrastructure, the engine of growth

This report analyses the current situation in Africa with regard to infrastructure. It provides an overview against which future improvements in infrastructure can be measured.

The purpose of the report is twofold – to provide a foundation for prioritising investments and designing policy reforms, and to help in monitoring the results achieved as a result of donor support.

The report concludes that the limited coverage and high cost of Africa's infrastructure are extreme, even when measured against other low-income countries around the world. It identifies that the cost of fixing this problem is much higher than previously reckoned.

However, the report acknowledges that funding prospects are better today that they have been for some time. It also recognises that institutional and structural reforms are critical to ensure that funds and resources are used to their full potential.

Issuing body: World Bank
Type: Summary report
Status: Draft
Executive summary. Africa infrastructure country diagnostic. Overhauling the engine of growth: infrastructure in Africa
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Year of publication: 2008
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