6.16 Lakes Tanganyika and Victoria: background information and analysis

This document provides background information and analysis for the recommended transport strategy for Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria. The lakes form a central component of the central development corridor (CDC) that links the coastal port of Dar es Salaam with Eastern Africa and the great lakes region.

The document examines the CDC's existing transport infrastructure, including comparative distances for different transport modes. The situation regarding inland waterways, ports and shipping services is detailed for both Lakes Tanganyika and Victoria, as are the regulatory environments and information available to, and needed by, mariners. The document then moves to analyse existing and future trade in CDC. Firstly the situation in the gateway port of Dar es Salaam – specifically current through-put volumes – is presented. Next future trade and traffic demand is considered, before discussion of the potential of the extraction and other industries. Lastly the economics of inland waterways shipping is considered.

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Integrated transport strategy - Lakes Tanganyika and Victoria. Volume II. Situation analysis and background information
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