6.17 Reducing costs in East African transport corridors

The Northern Corridor is a network of roads, rail lines, inland waterways and an oil pipeline linking Mombasa, Kenya, with Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These five countries are signatories to a cooperation agreement on the Northern Corridor, which also provides links to South Sudan, Ethiopia and northern Tanzania. Average transport costs using East African corridors are higher than those in West Africa and Southern Africa.

This document reports on a study undertaken to quantify the logistics costs involved in using the Northern Corridor, particularly the costs of delays and hidden expenses. Costs were compared with those of five other major transport corridors in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The study sought to identify reasons behind the high logistics costs and to propose policies and measures to improve the flow of goods across the region, decrease logistics costs and increase the competitiveness of the corridor.

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Analytical comparative transport cost study along the Northern Corridor region. Volume 1: Main report
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