6.18 The Northern Corridor: preferred route in East and Central Africa

This second five year strategic plan developed by the Transit Transport Coordination Authority of the Northern Corridor builds on the achievements and lessons learned from implementing the 2007–2011 Strategic Plan. The Northern Corridor links the landlocked countries of Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the Kenyan maritime port of Mombasa. The corridor also links South Sudan and northern Tanzania to the port of Mombasa. The Northern Corridor is a multi-modal corridor encompassing road, rail, pipeline and inland waterways transport.

The focus of the Strategic Plan is to reduce the cost of doing business through the harmonisation of transport policies and regulations, simplification of trade procedures and enhanced involvement of the private sector in the improvement of Northern Corridor transport infrastructure facilities and services. The Transit Transport Co-ordination Authority of the Northern Corridor vision is to develop the most efficient trade and transport logistics chain, with a view to contributing towards regional integration and socio-economic development of the region.

Issuing body: Transit Transport Coordination Authority of the Northern Corridor
Type: Report
Status: Final
Northern Corridor strategic plan 2012–2016
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Year of publication: 2012
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