6.3 Fast-tracking East African integration

This report was commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It assesses the feasibility of the time schedule proposed by the 'fast-track committee' for establishing an East African political federation by 2010.

The authors of this report consulted with integration stakeholders in the government, business, research and donor sectors. None of these respondents saw the 2010 target date for a political federation as a feasible proposition. Most subscribed to a gradual building-block approach instead.

The report identified that all East African states have democratic deficits and internal security problems. It concludes that although the small East African Community secretariat is effective, its capacity is overstretched and dangerously close to overload.

The report recommends that to aid East African integration, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should contribute to the planned East African Community Development Fund and engage in efforts to build new institutions.

Issuing body: Chr. Michelsen Institute
Type: Project report
Status: Final
Fast-tracking East African integration. Assessing the feasibility of a political federation by 2010
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Year of publication: 2005
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