6.4 Corridor diagnostic study

The main report for the corridor diagnostic study assesses the performance of East Africa's Northern and Central Corridors. It includes an action plan to remove identified impediments to transport logistics.

The corridor diagnostic study assessment involved a series of literature reviews and interviews with stakeholders, including shippers, transport service providers, freight forwarders and government ministries and agencies.

The assessment found that the two corridors are operating at a level that generally corresponds to 'fair' compared to other international corridors. But the report also concludes that future traffic demand will overwhelm existing infrastructure, leading to epic levels of congestion which will constrain economic growth.

The report recommends substantial and targeted investment in regional transport infrastructure now and over the next several decades. Developments identified for investment include new container terminals at the ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam, increased freight capacity on regional railways and road improvement schemes.

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Corridor diagnostic study of the Northern and Central Corridors of East Africa. Action plan. Volume 1: Main report
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