6.5 Corridor diagnostic study: regulatory framework and transport policy

This working paper analyses the transport policies and laws, and regional cooperation frameworks of the East African Community (EAC).

The analysis identified common problems with formulating policy. For example, the development process is overlong, undermining the relevance and effectiveness of policy agreements. Also, policies tend to reflect national preoccupations and pay only lip service to regional commitments.

The legal frameworks of nation states are also flawed, particularly in relation to road transport. For example, despite having been officially adopted almost 10 years ago, the EAC's Tripartite Agreement on Road Transport has still not been fully implemented.

The paper makes several recommendations. For example, regional economic communities should rationalise existing transport agreements to eliminate any overlap and member states should build the capacity required to make sure regional agreements are implemented. In particular, a start should be made in developing a Common Transport Policy, as set out in Art 89 of the EAC Treaty.

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Corridor diagnostic study of the Northern and Central Corridors of East Africa. Action plan. Volume 2: Technical papers. D. Regulatory framework and transport policy
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