7.10 Motorcycles in Uganda

This report contains an analysis of the operation of motorcycle taxis in urban centres in Uganda. It focuses on issues affecting supply and demand, service characteristics, options for managing growth, road safety and environmental impact.

Motorcycle imports are increasing rapidly. This is a consequence of supply and demand factors, such as the promotion of motorcycle taxis by the government and poor public transport services. The widespread use of motorcycle taxis in Uganda has both positive and negative outcomes. For instance, it has helped to fill the public transport gap and has created employment, but at the cost of increased urban traffic congestion and road safety challenges.

The report ends with recommendations regarding infrastructure, regulations, road safety, the environment, financing and national cross-cutting policies on gender and HIV/Aids prevention. While some of these are specific to motorcycles and their users, others address the wider road and transport services context.

Issuing body: Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy
Type: Report
Status: Final Draft
Consultancy services for investigating the impact of motorcycles in Africa: case study of a few selected cities. Uganda case study
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Year of publication: 2008
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