7.3 Country guidelines for preventing traffic injury

This report provides guidelines for low- and middle-income countries working to implement the recommendations of the 'World report on road traffic injury prevention', published jointly by the World Bank and the World Health Organization.

The findings of the report culminated in six overarching recommendations that set out the strategic initiatives necessary to improve road safety performance. The guidelines presented in this report are a pragmatic approach to implementing these recommendations in a way that overcomes institutional capacity barriers and achieves sustainable results.

The report contains information on how to conduct reviews of road management capacity. It specifies how to implement lead agency reforms, investment strategies and projects that can eliminate road deaths and serious injury through the 'safe system' approach. And it includes a wide range of case studies detailing experiences in implementing road safety initiatives from five good practice countries and two transitional ones.

Issuing body: World Bank
Type: Report
Status: Final
Implementing the recommendations of the World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention. Country guidelines for the conduct of road safety management capacity reviews and the specification of lead agency reforms, investment strategies and safe system projects
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Year of publication: 2009
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