7.4 A decade of action for road safety

This brochure highlights the 'Decade of action for road safety', launched by the United Nations in 2011, which seeks to stabilise and then reduce global road deaths by 2020. Up to 5 million lives could be saved and 50 million injuries prevented during the decade.

Ten reasons why the world should act on road deaths:

1. 1.3 million people are killed annually on roads worldwide
2. Crashes kill more people than malaria
3. 50 million people are injured
4. 90% of casualties occur in developing countries
5. Annual deaths will rise to 1.9 million by 2020
6. It is the leading cause of death in young people worldwide
7. By 2015 it will be the leading health burden for children over five in developing countries
8. The cost to developing countries is USD 100 billion a year
9. Injuries place immense burdens on health systems
10. Road crashes are preventable.

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Ensuring the decade is action: UN decade of action for road safety 2011–2020
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