7.9 Rural transport services in Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy member countries

This paper proposes an affordable assessment methodology to rapidly and efficiently assess the provision of rural transport services in Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy member countries. In these countries there is often little known about the quantity and quality of the provision of rural transport services, other than that they are inadequate. While there are known methodologies for assessing urban transport services, no such methodology existed for rural transport services, particularly not for medium to long distances (5–200 km). Passenger and goods transport needs improving to stimulate rural economies and reduce poverty.

The methodology described (costing an estimated USD 40,000 per country) is based on a hub-and-spoke model and is carried out in a representative rural region of a particular country. This paper contains practical advice relating to local observations, interview techniques, survey opportunities and traffic counts. Illustrative data forms and checklists of possible topics are provided, for modification according to local needs.

Issuing body: Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy
Type: Working paper
Status: Working paper
A methodology for rapid assessment of rural transport services
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Year of publication: 2007
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