9.1 Ugandan road user satisfaction

An annual road user satisfaction survey is to be carried out as part of CrossRoads programme in Uganda. This report by the market research agency Limelight, covers the first year's baseline survey, which was conducted in 2012. It explains the methodology and presents the findings of the survey.

A total of 2,857 respondents were interviewed, comprising at least 400 road users from each of six user groups, such as truck drivers or cyclists, drawn from six regions of Uganda. Among other things, interviewees were asked about their levels of satisfaction, reasons for dissatisfaction, priorities for improving roads and willingness to pay road tolls.

Overall, Uganda's road users are 'dissatisfied' with the state of the roads; truck drivers and motor cyclists are the two most dissatisfied road user groups. The most commonly-mentioned reasons for dissatisfaction included narrow roads, potholes and poorly-maintained roads.

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2012 road user satisfaction survey
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Year of publication: 2012
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