9.2 Improving Uganda's road sector

This short, accessible report outlines the work of the CrossRoads programme in Uganda during its first two years. CrossRoads seeks to create a sustainable road market that will encourage public and private sector actors to develop a more efficient and competitive road industry over the long term. The programme addresses a wide range of interconnected issues by working in five strategic areas. These are developing a better understanding of Uganda's existing road sector resources, understanding road users' views, improving financing in the sector, developing innovation and building business management, finance and vocational skills.

CrossRoads' measurable impacts include a new facility to train equipment operators, the funding of innovative proposals from Ugandan companies through the CrossRoads Challenge Fund, and the use by contractors of the Construction Guarantee Fund to bid on contracts worth UGX 60 billion (approximately USD 25 million).

Issuing body: CrossRoads
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Two years of progress towards improving Uganda's road sector
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Year of publication: 2013
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